Angry james

In the park one sunny day,
where children go to enjoy
fields and slides to run and play,
there was a little bully boy.

The little boy, his name was Jim,
others called him Angry James,
led other boys who, like him,
bullied kids and called them names.

They bullied kids for being thick.
They bullied kids for being thin.
The bullies even liked to pick
on kids for colors of their skin.

One day in the neighborhood,
Jim was bored, so on a whim,
he took a hike into the woods,
but time got away from him.

Jim was lost and so he roamed.
He wondered where the park
was so he could make it home,
before the sky turned dark.

Just as day turned into night,
he heard a voice call for him.
His legs were stuck in place from fright.
“This way, this way, let’s go, Jim!”

Suddenly, as if a spell
had flushed across his face;
Jim grew tired, asleep he fell,
and woke into another place.

He noticed that the trees were red,
with bark that barks just like a pup.
The clouds were grey overhead,
but, the rain was falling up!

Upon his shoulder was a tap.
He turned to see a creature that
had a pair of wings to flap,
with the body of a fluffy cat.

Jim was shocked and gasped aloud!
He felt an awful sting.
The creature spoke and said it proud,
“You’re a funny looking thing!”

“I look funny?” he asked, “How so?”
The creature tsked and scoffed and scuffed,
then said, “Your fur doesn’t glow,
 you’ve got no wings, and nothing’s fluffed!”

“That’s how people are!” Jim roared.
“You’re the one that’s strange to meet!”
The creature laughed, then ensured
Jim he’s in for a treat.

The cat led Jim up a hill;
once they made it to the top,
it said, “Jim, have you met Bill?
He lives up here and has a shop.”

Jim looked around but didn’t see
anyone or anything.
“Silly Jim, you need the key!”
The cat held out a magic ring.

As soon as Jim put on the ring
a shop appeared in front of him.
Then the cat began to sing,
“This way, this way, let’s go, Jim!”

Inside the shop, there was Bill;
a large, slimy looking slug.
Jim stood still and stared until
it asked, “You some kind of bug?”

“Am I a bug?” Jim asked, confused,
“Clearly I’m a human being.”
Bill looked at Jim, unamused,
“An ugly bug is all I’m seeing.”

Jim cried and his face turned red,
“It’s not my fault I look this way.
I was born like this.” Jim said,
as he slowly walked away.

When they left, the cat asked Jim,
“You okay?” but Jim was not.
“Why did you bring me to him?”
“You’re both alike, or so I thought.”

Jim was shocked and wiped his tears.
“How could you think I’m like him?”
The cat said, “Well, it appears
that you don’t remember, Jim.”

“You bullied kids for being thick.
You bullied kids for being thin.
And you even liked to pick
on kids for colors of their skin.”

Jim knew the cat was right,
“I guess I’ve been like Bill before.
But if you bring me home tonight,
I promise to be him no more!”

The cat smiled and twitched its nose,
and suddenly, the world was dark.
Then the light slowly arose
and Jim woke up in the park.

The other kids all stood around
and watched as Jim began to rise.
“You slipped and fell to the ground!”
One kid said to Jim’s surprise.

Jim paused;
Then he stared.
This had caused
them to be scared

Jim said, “I’m sorry to you all.
I was acting like a Bill.”
“Like a Bill?” asked Jamal.
“From a shop on top of a hill.”

“Are you okay?” asked Leah Tran.
“I’ve never felt this good or sure.”
And that was when Jim began
to hug each kid he wronged before.

From that day on, Jim was good,
and wasn’t called Angry James.
Now, he roamed the neighborhood
to ask the kids to play some games.

He played with kids who were thick
He played with kids who were thin
And on his team he loved to pick
the kids with different colored skin

The lesson Jim had learned
from the woods, on that day.
What he saw when he returned,
is we’re all different,
                              and that’s okay.