The Day the sun didn’t rise

Today I woke and gave a yawn

And rubbed the tired from my eyes.

The clock told me it’s after dawn,

Outside, the Sun, it didn’t rise.

At first I thought, “This is strange,”

But barely gave a second thought.

Into clothes I had to change,

While coffee brewed in the pot.

By now, the Sun leaves Heaven’s den

And scatters paint across the skies.

The clock tells me its 7:10,

Outside, the Sun still didn’t rise.

The problem must be with the clocks!

It’s surely sooner than it seems.

Perhaps I was counting flocks.

Yes! It’s all my silly dreams.

I heard the song of the finch,

But I know it’s just a fake.

I gave my arm the hardest pinch,

But felt the pain, and didn’t wake.

I searched the tv for some clues,

What I saw, to my surprise,

The caption on the morning news,

“Today, the Sun didn’t rise!”

I stared ahead and wondered how

We would fix the error.

With shaky knees and sweaty brow,

I stood and felt the terror.

What did we do to lose the Sun?

Did it give up on us?

Was guiding everyone

Simply superfluous?

The promise of day we’ve always known

Had turned out to be all lies.

The truest nature of man was shown

The day the Sun didn’t rise.

Something made the people stop.

The air was calm and still.

A beam of light appeared atop

And gently rolled o’er the hill.

The cheers began and these the words,

“Thank the Heavens for the Sun!”

People danced to songs of birds,

And Love restored to everyone.

We all looked up, we all as One,

As darkness fled from the skies.

Crying tears we asked the Sun,

“Why oh why didn’t you rise?!”

The Sun yawned as the people wept

And said, “Sorry bro, I overslept.”

CHOMP! (A Shark Week Poem)

I went swimming after dark –
late night – a great white shark
swam up and parked –
brake light eyes – red,
then he said,

“This is not a dream.
You should scream
when I’m on screen –
I’m mean.
Haven’t you seen
my movie scenes?
Duunnn-Dunnn – Have
you heard my theme?”

I was silent and still – malaise
as he gazed,
violent yet chill – unphased.
This giant with gills portrays
how he sways – naiant, his grill

I said, “please don’t eat me.”
My knees shook discreetly,
“Look – these arms,” *squeeze*
“completely meat-free.”

I drifted east, back to shore.
He said,
“You’re no feast, that’s for sure.”
I sighed relief until the beast said,
“But that’s what snacks are for!”