Today I saw a thief.
He stole a morning snack.
I went to approach him
to say, “Go put it back!”

I simply can’t explain.
Perhaps just in a mood.
I stopped to think about the
fact, he may need the food.

His clothes were ragged
but that’s the style of today.
I didn’t want to judge him
in that specific way.

He may have children
whom haven’t had a bite,
for several aching days;
for several waking nights.

The thief had come and gone
while imagining his plight.
The shop owner arrived,
but the thief was out of sight.

He looked to me and said,
“Thieves don’t know the cost.
I’ll have to sell 15 just
to make up what I’ve lost.”

Then, I felt conflicted,
‘cause in the thief’s defense,
he must eat to live, but
not at this man’s expense.

This man has a family
depending on his store.
Now they’ll miss a meal-
the thief missed many more.

Stealing is always wrong.
I know this much is true.
I can’t help but wonder
what I, or you, would do?

The Cure For Life

Life is an illness for which there’s no cure.
Fright into stillness, a knock at the door.
Imploring words spoken, I chose to ignore.
The door flew wide open, I fell to the floor.

“Oh my word my dear child!” This voice was uncaring,
“What has happened to you that is so overbearing?
”She grinned and leaned in, said, “Tell me your strife.”
“I’m suffering from this forsaken life!”

“Suffering?” she asked, “Then we mustn’t waste time.”
I felt her intentions becoming malign.
A cloaked formed around her. A blade flicked a shine.
My words did confound her, “I was faking, I’m fine!”

I was shaking as I continued to cry.
“I was wrong for thinking the cure was to die!”
She replied, “Too bad you realized this too late.
You’ve made your decision, now suffer the fate!”

Life is an illness.
Appreciation – the cure.
Don’t take it for granted or
the knock may be at Your door.