CHOMP! (A Shark Week Poem)

I went swimming after dark –
late night – a great white shark
swam up and parked –
brake light eyes – red,
then he said,

“This is not a dream.
You should scream
when I’m on screen –
I’m mean.
Haven’t you seen
my movie scenes?
Duunnn-Dunnn – Have
you heard my theme?”

I was silent and still – malaise
as he gazed,
violent yet chill – unphased.
This giant with gills portrays
how he sways – naiant, his grill

I said, “please don’t eat me.”
My knees shook discreetly,
“Look – these arms,” *squeeze*
“completely meat-free.”

I drifted east, back to shore.
He said,
“You’re no feast, that’s for sure.”
I sighed relief until the beast said,
“But that’s what snacks are for!”